Features and Working of Piezo Sounder and Buzzer

The bending vibrations of the metal-plate on piezoelectric element produce sound.

Piezoelectric buzzer is preferred for many industrial and domestic applications due to its low power consumption and other convenient features. This small sized lightweight component used through non-contact structure for a safe and spark-free production. The manufacturers got easier options to mount it on the printed circuit boards.

Most of the modern manufacturers of piezo disc are also focusing on thin film manufacturing and ceramic processing.


The selected piezoelectric elements, with improved sound producing capabilities, are being used for meeting louder sound volume plus wide frequency range requirements.

To get better performance, the manufacturers consider high quality piezo ceramic materials for buzzers. Piezo sounder components are being able to produce clear as well as pleasant electronic tone. Different types of piezo elements are being available by the quality manufacturers for making buzzer products.

Structure of Piezoelectric Buzzer Products:

The makeup of piezo sounder, buzzers, and diaphragms vary accordingly their varied functions. Both in sounders and diaphragms external or self drive assembly technology can be considered. The four prime elements of a diaphragm include electrode, ceramic disc, adhesive, and the metal plate made of brass or stainless steel.

The sounder itself is constructed with diaphragm with casing and lead wire. The buzzer has casing, a pot-type diaphragm, circuit board, Ceramic disc and the lead wire.


When the required voltage charged trough the lead wire, the piezoelectric element contracts and expands frequently.

This rapid movement or vibration of the elastic disk generates sound waves. Through external-drive oscillation technique, the sound generated easily at any frequency using the non-stable multi-vibrator. Through self-drive oscillation, louder sound output is possible.

Casings with a resonator are used to place the piezoelectric diaphragms for getting needed sound output. The diaphragms those have piezo disc supported inside the casing in two techniques as peripheral or nodal-circular support.

Also those are assembled by silicone agent.


High quality piezo sounder, diaphragms, buzzers, etc are now being used to generate sound for different electronic products. These tone generating components are able to meet the demand of loud sound outputs of varied frequencies for different industrial applications.

Nowadays, consumer electronics manufacturers are using these products while assembling different household and commercial appliances. It includes microwave ovens, air conditioners, electronic fans, refrigerators, washing machines, sewing machines, etc. Most of the market available clocks and kids toys are also using piezoelectric buzzer or other piezo components.

You can easily find one piezo disc assembled on calculators, alarm clocks, children's game machines etc. In fact, its use in sound generating greeting cards and cheap toys made it more common.

Advanced use of these elements lists personal computers, integration on ICs of various electronic devices, photocopiers or printers, Ceramic disc typewriters, etc.

Cameras, telephones and mobile phones, Ceramic disc burglar alarms, etc are some other common examples. Automotive industry is one of the major importers of industrial acoustics products made of piezo technology. Some common applications include battery and fuel indicator alarm, seatbelt check sounders, speed alarms, etc.

In modern days, keyless entry and reverse drive buzzers are the most common uses.

Irving Blair is an acoustic equipment expert.

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