In The Late Medieval Interval (1200-1500)

After Shakespeare’s loss of life, the poet and dramatist Ben Jonson was the main literary determine of the Jacobean period. Others who followed Jonson’s model embrace Beaumont and Fletcher, who wrote the brilliant comedy, The Knight of the Burning Pestle. One other widespread type of theatre throughout Jacobean instances was the revenge play, popularized by John Webster and Thomas Kyd.

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Although this weblog has a diverse readership, together with plenty of readers in Indonesia who can’t be expected to know a lot if something about Middle English, I’m not going to spend a lot time right here describing the text. Suffice it to say that The Canterbury Tales is one of the most well-known works of English literature. It was written in London within the late fourteenth century by a effectively-travelled and nicely-learn government official named Geoffrey Chaucer, and consists of 24 surviving tales (more may have been planned), every ostensibly instructed by a pilgrim en route to the shrine of Thomas Becket at Canterbury in southeastern England. It survives in numerous manuscripts and incunabula.

Within the Sixteenth Century, on account of systemic corruption throughout the Church (e.g., simony and the promoting of indulgences), protestants desired reformation of the Church. The Protestant Reformation, which the motion got here to be, left Europe not united; the religious criticisms of Martin Luther fragmented the Church before long-after gaining him excommunication from the Church-and gave rise to Henry VIII’s political separation of the Church of England from Rome. By way of the rejection of the Church, the Reformation placed significance on the position of the person, site,, in that authority of religious educating was reliant upon the text reasonably than the institution. With that being mentioned, the renewed interest within the Bible a bit of literature led to its unforeseeable influence in trendy literature, where Biblical allusions and symbols were experimented with; this influence is visible within the works of John Donne (Holy Sonnets), John Milton (Paradise Misplaced), and Andrew Marvell (“The Garden”).


Langland, Wiclif, and Barbour all wrote in dialect; Chaucer set the standard of English as a literary language. For generations to come he was the master, and all men who tried to write poetry were his disciples, nonetheless far behind him they may lag. But Chaucer just isn’t merely a craftsman in words, a magician in language; not merely a consummate story-teller; not merely a poet “as recent as is the month of Could,” like his personal “squyer,” clear and candy, overflowing with joyous vitality, with broad human sympathy, tender and humorous.

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