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ARPE To request the lengthy dialog with GALGEN, kind Long and press the RETURN key. Step 13: Type SKIP 3. Press the RETURN key. Using GALGEN Procedure. Then press . Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM D.2 Running THE GALGEN PROGRAM D.2 Running THE GALGEN PROGRAM Run the GALGEN program to create the GALAXY configuration file. To skip over the first three savesets on the Distribution tape, give the command SKIP 3. The DUMPER program prints a message figuring out each saveset it skips, after which offers the DUMPER prompt. Step 15: End the DUMPER program. To restore the GALAXY files from tape, mount the Distribution tape on the tape drive you assigned in Step 7. (If you happen to need help, see Chapter 2, Section 2.2, Step 9, of this information.) Make sure the drive is on line. The road starts with the actual textual content of the question. You might have the choice of carrying on a protracted dialog by which an explanation of each query is supplied mechanically, or a brief dialog by which it’s assumed that you are familiar with the GALAXY era procedure. Here are among the wins you could see as you spin the street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot machine.

3D casino slot machines - TurboSquid 1276501 You may undoubtedly see how the two Cleopatra slots are associated but Cleopatra 2 is increased variance which is price remembering if you happen to intend to play Cleopatra for actual money. On the Pandora’s Box slots game machine, the wild symbols can exchange another symbols apart from the scatter symbols. Play it on your Pc or cell and also you get to pick your favourite characters to fight for you, unlocking further wild symbols and triggering free spins bonuses. Information DISK-Usage PS: PS: 2597 Pages assigned 3000 Working, 3000 Permanent pages allowed 34540 Pages free on PS:, 41460 pages used. Moreover, you possibly can avail this service at free of price. This service supplies callers with native. In case you do use the LDOS board or others on Compuserve, attempt as a lot as doable to obtain messages right into a file quite than printing them since transmission will probably be slowed somewhat. Several messages. Step 6: Type EXIT. To return to TOPS-20 command level and proceed with this procedure, kind EXIT. Saveset “GALAXY sources for TOPS-20 V7.0” 18-Mar-88 1400 Loading information into PS: End of Tape. To confirm that you’ve got restored all of the files from the fourth saveset of the Distribution tape, kind Information DISK-Usage PS:.

Step 17: Stop. If the number of pages assigned does not approximately match the number shown in Step 16, you might not have restored all of the recordsdata mandatory for making a GALAXY system. Perform Steps 1 through 22 to revive the GALAXY information. Create a directory to hold the GALAXY source information. If you want to be cautious, you can save the outdated .EXE files on tape or in a backup listing (see Step 36 on this appendix). However, you possibly can assign and use any tape drive that has the status UNLOADED; MTA0: isn’t required. To do so, kind DEASSIGN MTA0:. Step 19: Type DEASSIGN MTA0:. To return the tape drive you removed from system utilization in Step 4, sort SET TAPE-DRIVE MTA0: sa1688 Available. Ensure to make use of the title of the tape drive you assign in Step 7 at any time when MTA0: seems on this appendix. To assign tape drive zero to your job, type ASSIGN MTA0:. Note The examples in this guide use MTA0: because the tape drive.

Note It’s essential to provide the proper values for your own system. This worth have to be between 1. The maximum that you simply specified in the earlier question. Answer the next question with either Long (for a protracted dialog) or Short (for a short one). Step 26: Answer the questions in the GALGEN show. Long Administrative Controls and Parameters ————– ——– — ———- The questions in this section decide absolute GALAXY parameters, which cannot be overridden by user or operator commands. The following parameter determines whether CLUSTER GALAXY needs to be ENABLEd or DISABLEd at GALAXY startup. Bits Pointer Contents 0-3 NTAPL Applicability restrictions NTA.E – Executor NTA.L – Loop nodes NTA.R – Remote nodes NTA.H – Home area nodes 4-9 NTINF Information sort NTI.C – Characteristics NTI.S – Status NTI.% – Summary NTI.K – Circuit State NTI.Q – This parameter is qualified NTI.N – None. Step 3: Type Show Status TAPE-DRIVE /ALL. The system prints the standing of all tape drives on the system. 5 to 10 minute wait while DUMPER positions the tape. Give the REWIND command to DUMPER. Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM Generating A Tailored BATCH AND SPOOLING SYSTEM A system process will get a higher precedence than all person jobs and will get as a lot time as is critical for execution.

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