The Benefits of Padel

Padel is definitely here to stay. A number of years ago, in its early days, it was seen as an elitist sport that was accessible to few; however with time, it has efficiently found a spot and is now a sport of reference, as it is more and more common to find courts with players of all levels.

What do you think has caused the enlargement of padel in recent years? Do you think it will continue to develop?

Padel is a very easy sport to be taught, and it also has a social element that is constantly catching more folks’s attention. It has a special something that makes it fun for players of all levels. Because of the boom it’s experiencing, and from my experience as a coach, I think that it is going to continue growing, seeing as there are more fans stepping on the court every day.

How would you describe the everyday player at the newbie level? Is the sport advisable for any age?

You can find all types of players, from children to senior citizens. The sport is definitely beneficial for all ages.

For those starting out within the sport, is it essential to have a good command of the method from the beginning? Is it essential to be physically fit?

On the rookies level, it will not be as important to have a great command of the technique; even people who have never played sports are able to learn how to play quickly. All that’s wanted is primary coordination and a powerful need to learn. It’s vital to be in good physical condition to prevent injuries since padel is aggressive in terms of movement, but when playing at a lower level, it’s not essential.

In that case, what would you consider to be most vital when starting out?

Enthusiasm, without a doubt. On the club, we have a student enjoying adapted padel who’s ranked second in her class at a national level. She is a clear example of how, with enthusiasm and perseverance, it’s doable to achieve any goal.

What roles do a healthy weight loss plan and relaxation play when practising padel?

As with all sports, both contribute to achieving better performance within the game.

What number of hours of apply are beneficial per week for individuals who want to stay in shape? Normally, training for a couple hours and playing an occasional game is enough. If we’re talking concerning the competitive level, the advice can be to train for 3 to four hours per week.

What are the practices prior to a tournament like? What facets are sometimes worked on with higher intensity?

The practices vary relying on a range of factors; for example, we look at who we will be taking part in against, if it is indoor or outside, etc. Preparing the player mentally in advance is crucial in achieving higher performance in the matches.

Reflexes are necessary in padel. How do you train to improve them?

There are different ways of improving reflexes. One of the easiest, for instance, is standing opposite the player with a ball in every hand and dropping one among them so the student has to catch it.

What would you consider to be the most difficult aspect of training a player?

Each player is different, so every one has his or her own process and way of learning, but when I’ve to say something, it would be mental preparation.

What do you think are the most important benefits that individuals obtain from practising this sport?

Physical and mental well-being, but I’d also emphasize the social facet and being able to interact with different people. In general, playing this sport presents a healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you give to people who have just started taking part in?

They need to begin training with a professional who can guide them and encourage them, and above all, they want patience and perseverance. The harder you work, the more you learn.

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