Solar Panel Set up – Materials Needed and Its Procedure

We are all inspired to preserve energy if we wish to bestow a greater future for the children of tomorrow. The risk of depleting resources has pushed people to look for various energy resources which are both environment friendly and renewable. Probably among the finest sources of energy is the sun. Solar power is transformed into usable energy by means of PV cells present in solar electric panels. There are different ways of solar panel set up relying on the type of roof and energy required by the user.

A household who wanted to make use of solar energy in all their electrical needs must buy solar electric panels from a wide number of producers or might research online. Solar panels are often mounted in roof and building tops, or put in using stand alone facilities where it can get the most effective sun exposure. Solar panel installation may be accomplished by houseowners utilizing the set up tips discovered on the web or could also be finished by a professional solar panel installer. The PV cells are usually encased together in a metal frame, most of the time aluminum.

This will permit the panels to be screwed or clamped easily on roofs. The materials wanted for installation are: roof anchors which can be made of steel or aluminum, it is used as the bottom of the mount and where the mounting frame is attached; the mounting frame that is secured to the roof anchors using a particular locking system and bolts to screw it tightly, it is the place the panels are attached using clamps; and the last materials you want is the clamp, used to secure the solar panels on the mounting frame. The clamps may be finish-clamp and mid-clamp depending on the number of panels that need to be secured.

After you’ve all the parts needed for solar panel installation, the process can now begin. Most of the installation staff will survey the area most particularly the placement where it is mounted.

• Scaffolding. This is actually positioned by the set up workforce earlier than the set up process begins. It’s often erected to reach the roofs for simple mounting. Ladders are incorporated to make sure safety in accordance with the Health and Safety codes.

• Positioning the roof anchors. Earlier than these are installed to the roof, it is first surveyed, properly measured and marked to indicate correct positioning of panels. Positioning section may be very vital in every set up to ensure that the panel frames are in its appropriate locations.

• Attaching the frame. After the roof anchors are secured properly on the roof, the aluminum mounting frame or bars are attached. There is a need to make sure that these are parallel to each other earlier than locking it in place.

• Putting in PV panels. This is completed after the bars where the frame is positioned are mounted properly. It could be in rows or columns depending on its roof space.

• Wiring the panels. These panels should be wired collectively to produce a whole electrical system.

For every solar panel set up, it is necessary to plan it first earlier than undergoing the mounting procedure. It is also advisable that it is finished throughout roof building or re-roofing.

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