Your Character (High School Story)

Here, the Pistons cash in on their top draft odds, with the Magic landing the second pick and the Rockets falling to third, still a favorable outcome that lets them keep their selection. If the Magic end up picking twice-which is likely-their second selection will wind up as an interesting pivot point in the draft. That’s also going to remain constant across my projections moving forward, until we know about which team is picking second and what they’re doing. The Pistons are playing the long game and could have a difficult choice in front of them if they wind up picking third or fourth, but Green may have a bit more untapped upside than Suggs, and that’s the direction they take here. Teams will look hard at Jalen Suggs, Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga, but Mobley is an extremely safe investment at the top of the draft, and possesses a combination of frame and skill set that’s extremely tough to replicate.

The Timberwolves would be faced with a pretty interesting decision at No. 2. The player that doesn’t fit for them is Jalen Green, whose skill set directly overlaps with Anthony Edwards. Suggs could make sense here too, but in this team-specific context, I’d probably lean Green, who exceeded expectations with G League Ignite and would immediately be one of the best individual shot-creators on the roster (granted, that isn’t saying a ton). It makes sense that Orlando will take whoever they like the most with their first selection, regardless of position, but that move will almost certainly influence which direction they take with the subsequent pick. Suggs and Green are probably ahead of Kuminga in a broad sense right now, but there’s a lot left to play out, and ultimately this will hinge on which team ends up drafting third. The Pistons are also a terrific fit for Mobley, but they’re not far along enough in their process to split hairs over positional fit.

That said, Cunningham is a particularly good fit in Houston, where John Wall (for however long he’s a Rocket) and Kevin Porter Jr. can help share playmaking duties and alleviate immediate pressure. I suspect they’d look hard into him, but settle on Cunningham. Cleveland winds up in a really tough spot here, with no obvious fit at No. 7. The Cavs are a good fit for Barnes and Kuminga, but both come off the board, which forces them to look at guards, or perhaps consider trading back. Hell they even look the damn same between PS4 and PS5. This Euro 2020 Office Pool has additional features compared with the previous Pool spreadsheet for Euro 2016 football final tournament, or even Euro 2012, if you have ever used them previously. For example, a good basketball court won’t have warped floorboards or broken backboards. People who make a collection of basketball shoes to show his loyalty in Nike are sure to satisfy the newly released basketball shoes.

The North Londoners also officially released pink themed training wear on Monday that split opinion among fans. When Your Character (HSS:CA) is accused of sabotaging your audition, you stick up for him/her and voice your opinion. His presence in this draft should eliminate the potential for anxiety Minnesota felt picking first in last year’s draft. The Raptors moving up anywhere in the top four from No. 7 (a 31.9% chance) is a pretty fascinating potential outcome, with Toronto positioned to bounce back after a strange season playing in Tampa. And Jalen Suggs would be awesome in Toronto playing next to Fred VanVleet. They shouldn’t be hampered by positional fit, and rarely get a chance to draft blue-chip talent, so this is an opportunity for Toronto to take a big swing. New Orleans lost the 8-9-10 tiebreaker with Chicago and Sacramento, but does have a 20.3% chance at a top four pick, which would be a massive coup in building around Zion Williamson. Christian Pulisic scored in the FA Cup final while wearing it, but the Blues lost to Arsenal with the U.S. Among the gifts bestowed on Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall while on official visits overseas were packets of dates, an apron, a framed swimming cap and a painted pebble.

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